Welcome to Ravens March, a site devoted to the fountain pen; a writing instrument which is frequently misunderstood and somewhat mythologized. I hope to deal with the misunderstandings, but given how much I like them, I’m unlikely to quell any mythology (except the very silly sort).

There’s pretty pictures….

For those anxious to gaze upon fountain pens in their diversity, I have them on display in the History Department, under their makers arranged in alphabetic order. That department also contains a brief examination of the development of fountain pens from earliest times until the present (or at least, last summer), for those more interested in general trends than specific models.

Hmmm… Fountain pens, eh?

If you’ve just laid your hands on a fountain pen and want to know how to get it running, the Applied Arts Department lays out the basics of pen management. If you’re wondering whether you want to lay your hands on one, I have a bit of a primer for that, but you should be warned that I’m slightly biased.

Science! That means cuttin’ stuff up!

The Science Department examines the physics that let pens work and the parts that go into them. Happily, this does not require a very strong foundation in math.

Hideous! …but fixable.

Finally, I should mention that, while I do this mainly from pure love of pens, I do have a bit of a commercial enterprise underway as well. Have you laid your hands on a fountain pen that doesn’t want to work? I may be able to help, and I may be able to direct you to help yourself.

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A Note from Elba

Good heavens, it’s been a more than a year since I posted one of these updates! This is not to say that this site hasn’t seen new material in the intervening time, I’ve just been… delinquent in giving notice. I blame the lingering tendrils of depression and the universal shadow of COVID. So, what’s been …

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Strategic Withdrawal, Not Complete Rout

I have, you will find, taken in my pen-repair shingle. I go into the matter more fully in my blog, but since you’re here and not there, I will also reveal what I discovered is the reason for it– I went and grew myself a depression, and it has repaid me for my nurturing in …

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A Couple of Numbers (and some pictures)

Since the last update, there’s only a couple of new pages, but they’re very… um… German? I have what is very nearly a profile page for the Pelikan 400, thanks to having briefly handled a Pelikan 520 , which is a 400 in a very fancy outfit. Very close in time and space, but rather more of a …

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Good news, slightly good news, and that other sort.

I went a got a TWSBI Go, so there’s a new page up for that. This is the good news, as is the fact that someone has finally confirmed that the thing I have suspected of being a Waterman Jiffie is, in fact, one of those. Slightly good news lies in the fact that I …

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