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Maker: Sheaffer.

This page refers to the Balance model using this name.  You may be looking for a sub-model of Triumph, Touchdown (Early or Thin Model),  or Snorkel

The Statesman was sort of the high-normal for this line.  Of standard length and width, it shared a price point with the oversized Premier, but to spend more on a Sheaffer one was looking at stepping up to some non-standard hardware.  It bears a white dot and the point is marked LIFETIME and has a two-tone mask.  It may be compared to the Admiral, which is the same but for the point and dot.

Production Run: 1938 – 1942 (this model changed substantially in the Triumph era).

Cost When New: $10.00 (for modern value, try this calculator).

Size: 13.6 cm long capped, 15.8 cm posted, 12.0 uncapped.

Point: 14k gold with platinum mask.

Body: Celluloid.

Filler: Lever, capacity approx. 1.1 ml, or vacuum filler, capacity approx. 1.8 ml.

Sheaffer Statesman, vacuum filler, Grey Pearl striated. Compare the clip on this to the lower models of about the same vintage; lower-end pens did not get updates to their hardware.

Backlit, in an not altogether successful attempt to show the rather good clarity of the barrel



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