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Do You Know This Waterman?

Waterman is a source of much mystery in my life.  None of the pens which follow have a proper identity.  Have a look, enjoy the spectacle, and if you think you know what and when one of them is, please let me know.  I’ll guarantee anonymity of witnesses or full credit for the identification, as you prefer.


Mystery Waterman #0265

Waterman Whatsit #0265: An oblique top as one expects to find post-C/F, and while the clip itself seems to predate that model it was seen on some C/Cs.  The cap clicks into place, and the whole front end is very like what is seen in a Ligne 60.  Yet it’s a lever filler.  Do you know what it is? Jump to the contact form at the bottom and let me know!


Mystery Waterman #0240

Waterman Whosis #0240.  Externally very similar to the common run of Taperites, and of the same sort of “Ladies'” size as the Conquest, this is a very odd thing among Watermans: it carries a press-bar filler.  For pens of that sort, this is an oddity also, as the barrel is held onto the section by a threaded stud at the very tail that grasps the extremity of the filler.  There are no barrel threads as such; check it out.  Do you know what it is? Jump to the contact form at the bottom and let me know!


Mystery Wateman #R96

Waterman Familiarity #R96. This is very probably a 302V. The shape of the clip marks it as being made before the 1940 (or so) change-over to top-rivet clips took place (see Stalwart and Daunltess of near cousins), and the nearness in shape to the Thorobred makes me wonder if it might not have had a name of its own. It’s probably not a 3V, since a 1936 reference shows that with an entirely different clip. If not for the absence of marking on its tail, it would have it’s own page. Do you know what it is? Jump to the contact form at the bottom and let me know!


Waterman 0455

Mystery Waterman #455

Waterman Wangdoodle #455.  This is a modern mystery, which makes it all the more vexing.  I have a notion that it was never marketed outside of Europe, and possibly not outside of France.  The only markings on the whole thing are the hexagon-enclosed monogram of the modern Waterman trademark and the little letter indicating point size; even the underside of the clip lacks so much as a “Made In” imprint.  This offends, I believe, some EU ruling about everything needing a nation of origin indicated on it, but there’s a lot of current Parkers that are similarly tight-lipped about where they come from.  The point and feed are pretty much indistinguishable from those in the Super Master, and it appears this pen’s dates span a much longer period than that models; I’ve seen examples with logos of the previous unenclosed monogram and the 1970’s wavy stylized W.  Made of cheap plastic (although not criminally cheap, like the Parker Reflex, and feeling rather like that of the Rotring Art Pen), its main point of interest lies in the pentagonal cross-section of both cap and barrel; it is not a pen given to rolling off a desk.  Do you know what it is? Jump to the contact form at the bottom and let me know!  {Update: This might be a Jiffie, but I’m leaving it here pending confirmation}


Mystery Waterman #0027

Detail of the clip mounting

Waterman Thingummy #0027. Another strange Canadian object which bears some signs of arising after the release of the C/F; that clip is pretty suggestive of an earliest possible date.  This one I have some tentative notions of, as it has some aspects which one might expect to find in a late Skywriter (but somewhat better general trim, a full lever-box and a gold point), and some that seem to be in common with a UK-made W2 (but a somewhat smaller point, and a full lever-box unlike those I’ve seen online).  Do you know what it is? Jump to the contact form at the bottom and let me know!




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