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Calamo (Stipula)

Stipula are better known for making pens than ink, a situation they do very little to address in their various web presences; it appears only on their store-front, and they say little about it apart from describing the colours.  One suspects that it is made for them by an outside party.  They’ve been at it for a while, it seems, as the oldest review of the stuff I could find was from 2005.  It’s something of a boutique ink, as it’s a little expensive– unless you order it directly from Stipula, in which case it’s fantastically expensive.

Stipula1Deep Blue: Something in the line of a Royal Blue, and it appears to have a fairly inconsistent nature.  The person who sent me samples raved about it, and not as a result of any serious brain dysfunction.  My sample was done on a slightly absorbing paper and with a broad point.  I suggest comparing it to a letter the donor sent, on quite good paper and with a rather wet pen, in which it appears to a rather better advantage.

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