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Maker: Esterbrook.

The Deluxe is very similar Esterbrook’s J Series, to the point that some sites have included both them in the same profile.  They are, transparently, an attempt to coat-tail on the success of the Parker “51” by adopting a superficially similar cap.  It is a strangely belated attempt, though, coming as it does not just many years after the Parker was introduced, but a couple of years after the end of the war which might have affected the availability of material.

There were two versions of Deluxe.  The initial was the SM… although the way Esterbrook ran their lettering system, it might be more correct to call it the M.  This differed from the J in that it had a metal cap, and in most cases one finds a set of metal threads fitted between section and barrel. The earliest versions apparently were even more like the “51” in having friction-fit caps.

The later version was the LK (or, again, maybe just K), which had a large metal derby on cap and tail rather than the J-style jewels.  These were introduced in 1955.

Production Run: 1947 – c. 1960.  I have some material which suggests that there was at least over-lap of the SM and LK models in 1957, but it’s not very clear.

Cost When New: The slightly dubious 1957 prices I have show $4.25 for the SM, and $5.75 for the LK, although this assumes a “Master” point, and a 50¢ reduction was available for an initial fitting of the cheaper sort of point (for modern values, try this calculator).

Size: SM– 13.3 cm long capped, 15.0 cm posted, 11.7 cm uncapped.

Point: Interchangible “Re-New” points.

Body: Celluloid (nitrate).

Filler: Lever , capacity approx. 0.9 ml (SM Model)

Esterbrook Deluxe SM

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