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Sources to Help with Handwriting

Having a nice pen, congenial to one’s hand, is only part of the process of having splendid handwriting.  I give some tips, but for those that want to pursue the matter further, here are some useful sites:

Basic Handwriting – It’s meant to offer instruction tips for kids, but something I have found in regards to learing new skills:  don’t be proud.  If you haven’t done it before, all you’ve got on a toddler is better control of your limbs.

Calligraphy by Caliken – This chap has an amazing and regular hand.  It’s not writing in the general sense, but if you’re inclined to pretty up your paper, you can go FAR worse than emulating him.

Incompetech – Not handwriting instruction as such, but they have a generator for different styles of lined paper that are very useful indeed; you get to set your own line spacing.

The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting –  Very serious about handwriting, these folks.  If you’re not feeling up to their lessons, at least look around the site for inspiration.  They started out as merely literate, like you and me….

How to Use Flex Nibs – a seller of vintage pens offers tips on how not to destroy them in the act of writing.

JFP – There’s two different styles of writing offered here.  Both sort of bridge the gap between calligraphy and common hand-writing.

Linugraphy – A generator of line-guides, specific to calligraphy, which will at least save some time with a pencil and ruler.

Loops and Tails – Excellent all-in-one site for people who want to take up cursive or want to polish their technique without going quite all the way to IAMPETH’s dizzy heights.

Paperpenalia – Good tips aimed at adult who want to brush up their skills.  I highly recommend a look in here.

Pelikan – Pursuing the school market, they have downloadable worksheet fonts.  This page is entirely in German, but I don’t think the fonts care what language you speak.

Penman’s Art Journal – An archive of the September 1904 edition which has some good tips on grip and practice toward the beginning.

Preventing Hand Fatigue – A nice little article on correct pen use in a more generally pennish blog.

Worksheet Maker – Prints custom copy sheets

Demo Video – A very talented calligrapher and a very talented pen, in the same place.  It’s nothing more than inspiration, and I recommend looking at the other videos this person has made with a similar frame intent.

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