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Maker: Osmiroid.

This pen is not just a numerical improvement upon Osmiroid’s 65, but a bit of a technological advance, switching from the older pen’s lever-filling arrangement to the popular (in Europe, at least) piston.  With the piston, Osmiroid introduced an ink-window to the barrel, something which most other makers view as de rigeur with that sort of filler.  The interchangible point system of the 65 was maintained in the same format, which meant that points bought previously were still available and newly-produced points were accessible to users of the old 65s, a nice item of backwards compatibility.

This is a somewhat more slender pen than either incarnation of the 65, which depending on one’s inclinations may be a good or a bad thing.  It is certainly of modern styling, which is also open to subjective appreciation.  In terms of writing qualities, that is variable depending upon the point/feed unit that’s installed.

Production Run: c. 1965 (highly speculative) – c. 1980

Cost When New: A kind informant reports a leaflet, precise date unknown, showing the price as $5.75, and points at $1.40 (for modern value, try this calculator).

Size: 13.5cm long capped, 13.6cm to the face of the section posted (because the end-to-point length can vary depending on the point), 9.8 cm uncapped (likewise).

Point: Interchangible plated steel.

Body: Polystyrene.

Filler: Piston, capacity approx. 0.9 ml.  This is low for a (relatively) modern piston-filler, but it is a quite slender pen.

Osmiroid 75



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