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Sellers of Pens

Unlike the Makers’ page, there is some implicit endorsement going on here.  I have not bought pens from all of these folks personally, but where I haven’t I’ve heard enough of their reputation than I don’t blush to suggest trying them out.  If they limit themselves, I’ll try to indicate what lines they carry, but if it’s more than three or four I’m not going to bother beyond a vague “modern” or “vintage”.  I occasionally offer things for sale too.

Because I am concerned about local businesses, I am going to preface this section by mentioning that it is worth looking around your own community for a seller of pens (or, really, anything else you’re inclined to buy) of the locally-owned, independent sort.  Not only do you benefit by having a place to examine the item directly, and the diverse accessories connected to the item in question, you’re keeping your community a generally nicer and more interesting place; far more of the money spent at a local store remains in the community than money spent at a major chain, and of course sending your money to distant figures on the internet, however nice they are, doesn’t produce the local-playground-maintaining taxes a local purchase does.  If your part of the world doesn’t supply a particular specific desire, then consider sending your money away to some of these folks.

P.W. Akkerman– moderns, generally rather high-end.

Birmingham Pen Company –  modern.

Classic Fountain Pens – modern and vintage.

Cult Pens – modern.

Fountain Pen Revolution – modern low-cost Indian pens.

Gardino Italiano – modern, and pretty much all Italian.

Goodwriters – restored vintage; in the UK, and thus a relatively British stock.

Goulet Pens – moderns.

His Nibs – moderns.

Laywines – moderns.

Main Street Pens – vintage.

Martin’s Pens – vintage.

Paper Umbrella – Lamy, Acme, Waterman, and likely some others I’m neglecting (almost none of which can be got through their website; get along to the store in person, if you’re near enough). – vintage, and not necessarily Parkers.

Pen and Co – modern and vintage.

Pendemonium – vintage, or in some late cases second-hand.

The PENguin – Mainly vintage pens, some modern Pelikans.

Pen Hero – moderns.

PenSellerFromFrance – Waterman, Parker.  Generally unavailable during the French National Absence in August, but that aside an excellent fellow.  I’ve had nothing but joy in my dealings with him. – not a seller, but a directory.  It looks jolly useful, but I endorse only the tool, not the sellers listed on it.

Peyton Street Pens – mainly “New Old Stock”, which suggests access to a time machine. I’m a happy customer.

Quarterly Illustrated Vintage Pens – I’ve not bought anything here, but I find it so useful as a picture reference I thought I’d do homage by putting it in this list.

Richard’s Pens – modern Pelikan and Pilot, vintage, and the primary source of Gate City pens.

Stylus – moderns, and they’re also the Canadian distributor for Diamine ink.  The store is much nicer than the site.

The Writing Desk – mainly moderns, occasional vintage.

The Vintage Pens Website – vintage, to state the obvious.

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