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Maker: Sheaffer.

Of all the loose terms which Sheaffer has used in describing its pens, \”Skripsert\” is one of the loosest.  Part of the problem is that it is also the name they gave to their cartridges, so one finds the word frequently in conjunction with pens that have actual model names.  There are Skripsert pens which are only just better than the anonymous blister-pack cartridge pens, and there are some with rather splendid trim and triumph-style points.  It\’s a little daunting for someone trying to compose a well-regimented roster of a maker\’s pens, and I\’ll admit that I find myself unwilling to wrestle this fogbank.  What follows is not so much a categorization as a pen-watcher\’s record of semi-recognized objects that more or less fall into one portmanteau.

The reason I even bother with this page is that in addition to all the diverse variations which followed, this was the title under which Sheaffer\’s initial cartridge pen appeared.

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