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Overlay Eyedropper

Maker: Diamond Point

Apart from the point impression, this is an extremely generic example of a pen from the first decade of the 20th century of slightly greater than bargain status.  The overlay gives it a certain panache, although it also marks the maker as a bit of a corner-cutter.  Most overlays are done in precious metal, but this one is plated.  It still looks nice, but the potential remains for the pen to be covered one day in a mere brass (or something similar) framework.

Production Run: c. 1900 – c.1915

Size: 13.3 cm long capped, 16.5 cm posted, 12.2 cm uncapped.

Point: 14k gold.

Body: Hard rubber with overlay.

Filler: Eyedropper, capacity approx. 3.6 ml

If one does not inspect it too closely, it is a very splendid-looking pen

With the cap on, it will fit nicely in a pocket, although it is apt to throw ink into its cap unless kept upright... and there's no clip.

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