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Maker: Wing Sung.

Under the extremely broad heading of “Chinese-made pens inspired by Parker’s hooded pens” lies the Wing Sung 612.  It is very similar to the Hero 330, in that it appears to be chasing the Parker 61 rather than the “51”.

The main problem with this pen lies not in the way it works, which is generally pretty well, but in getting it going after it’s been in carriage for a while.  The clip, with rather good spring-loaded mechanism, penetrates the cap.  This is fine, if there’s an inner cap.  In this pen’s case, there’s a tube of rubbery material which nicely seals off the top of the cap from the mouth but does nothing about the clip-port.  So, if the pen sits in your pocket for an hour or two, there’s a very good chance that the point will have dried out.  It restarts with a lick, and writes without interruption once it’s running… but you had to lick your pen.  Also, the cap has some kind of aura of cheap-pen-ness hovering about it, even without the plating chipped or a dent.

Production Run: Unknown, concluded about 2005.

Cost When New: Low, but unknown.

Size: 14.8cm long capped, 14.8cm posted, 12.1 cm uncapped.

Point: I will assume for the moment plated steel; I’ve not had a reason to take the hood off.

Body: Polystyrene.

Filler: Press bar , capacity approx. 1.0 ml.

Wing Sung 612

Wing Sung 612 and Parker 61, for comparison’s sake. My 61 is a slightly later version; the first models had a thin trim ring, so the Wing Sung looks even more like those.




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