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Custom 742

Maker: Pilot.

This pen is essentially just an upgrade of the Custom 74; the third digit suggests a multiple of the “base model’s” price.  The difference lies entirely at the business end of the pen, too, rather than seeing some of augmentation of the body furniture.  The 742 has (slightly) larger points and in even more forms than the 74; fifteen, as opposed to the latter’s eleven.  Some of these are not readily available outside Japan; the FA point, for example, was drawing a lot of warranty claims from people trying to use it as a flex point.  It is, in general terms, flexible, but it is set up to work in the hands of someone who is trying to do Kanji rather than Copperplate.

Production Run: 1992 to present.

Cost When New: ¥20,000.

Size: 14.0 cm long capped, 15.8 cm posted, 12.7 cm uncapped.

Point: 14K.

Body: Resin.

FillerCartridge, capacity approx. 0.8ml.  All of Pilot’s converters will fit– the CON-20 press-bar type (0.7ml), the CON-50 piston type (0.5 ml), and the press-pump CON-70 (1.0 ml).

Pilot Custom 742, with the rather soft and peril-sensitive FA point.

Pilot Custom 742, with the rather soft and peril-sensitive FA point.



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