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Maker: Rotring.

The Core is Rotring’s excursion into the realm of the school pen.  I suspect the impulse behind the design might be spoken thus; “OK, let’s try to be ten times more Lamy Safari than the Lamy Safari!”  It is an extremity of design, and I think only very self-possessed teens of a particular sci-fi bent might ever have considered it for regular use.  The cap is clearly meant to emulate the fore-grip of some science-fictiony rifle, and the sway-back section lends it a certain resemblence to Serenity.

There is one item of interest, which is bound up with the tradmark red ring.  On the body, this is suggestively pointed out as the “Write On System”, and while there’s nothing in the instructions to direct its use, it is apparently designed to allow the cartridge-piercer to be very slightly withdrawn by undoing the barrel and then tugging on the red ring.  That makes it possible for the residue of ink left in the pen to get into the feed (in theory) and thus finish the exam the user should have brought a full cartridge to in the first place.

It is quite like the Lamy in that it writes smoothly with an apparently indestructible point.  If only it were not so funny looking….

Production Run: c. 1998 – c. 2008

Cost When New: About $25.00 (for current value, try this calculator).

Size: 14.4 cm long capped, 16.1 cm posted, 13.8 cm uncapped.

Point: Steel.

Body: Plastic of some kind, with an aluminum outer cladding.

Filler: Cartridge, 0.6 or 1.4 ml (international pattern); sold with converter, capacity approx. 0.6 ml

Rotring Core – this trim colour is called “Lysium”

Capped, and apparently ready to fire

Using the “Write-On System”: Unscrew the barrel two full turns (1), pull down the red trim ring flush with the barrel which exposes the vents in the section (2), then retighten the barrel.



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