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Dauntless 302

Maker: Waterman.

The Dauntless is a slightly down-graded version of the Stalwart.  It shares with its gold-trimmed brother the difficulties inherent to differences in production between US and Canadian/UK factories.  I go into that matter a little more fully in the Stalwart’s page, and I urge a glance at that information.  The Dauntless is perhaps the trouble-maker in this little vortex of confusion, since according to the US catalogue it doesn’t actually exist; it seems to be merely a chrome-plated version of the US Stalwart with its single cap band.

As with the Stalwart, the Dauntless shows some cost-cutting measures.  The fit of the rivets that hold that clip down is to me the most obvious “discount” indicator on these pens; they frequently look like someone was being trained how to use the machine.  The points are essentially still the same ones that Waterman had been making since the turn of the century, so there’s nothing wrong in the writing.

Production Run: c. 1942 – c. 1953.

Cost When New: $2.95 (for modern value, try this calculator).

Size: 12.8 cm long capped, 15.5 cm posted, 11.4 cm uncapped.

Point: 14k gold.  There don’t seem to be any Taperite models.

Body: Celluloid.

Filler: Lever, capacity approx. 1.0 ml.

Waterman Dauntless. I promise you it’s not a Stalwart.  This picture was taken before my current nearly-good photography began, but when opened in a separate window is to scale.



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