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Star-Flo Nib Units

Maker: Osmiroid

In terms of writing qualities, Osmiroid’s 65 and 75 are reliant entirely upon the nib unit which is installed. I have some reservations about Osmiroid’s powers in that direction.  They may have been making points for ages, but they were relative new-comers to the art of the feed, and their success was qualified.  At very least, extremely frequent flushes are needed for reliable function.  I have seldom found an Osmiroid feed that I would whole-heartedly call “willing”, as much as it pains me to say anything against this company (despite being a not-particularly-Anglo-Saxon Canadian, I find I agree with a friend who was long ago a knobby-kneed boy scout in East Finchley: “It may be rubbish, but it’s British rubbish!”).

However, while the point/feed units made by Osmiroid are a rather different shape than those of Esterbrook,  whether by chance or design the threads are the same on each; an Osmiroid carcass can sport an Esterbrook point, and vice versa.  Esterbrook points are less decorative, their flow tends to be rather better, and this cross-pollenation knits up some of the disappointment one can feel from using an Osmiroid.

It’s not quite detective-novel stuff, but this is the wrapper that offered the given name of Osmiroid’s points


Inside the wrapper, nary a mention of “Star-Flo”


An Osmiroid point, currently between hosts



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