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Maker: Waterman.

This pen and the Expert are the current holders of Waterman’s least expensive pen indication, with but one of a possible five hexagons of costliness, and it is in fact the bottom of ladder so far as internationally-marketed models (the Reflex is much less expensive, but hardly admitted to by Waterman).  Capped, it is strongly reminiscent of the C/F, with an obliquely angled top to the cap and a clip obviously modeled from the older pen.  With the point exposed, it is a little less striking than that earlier model, with a quite traditional point and section.

Unlike my examination of the Expert, which from a functional standpoint I find to be no better a pen, I don’t level an instant accusation of over-pricing on this pen.  While most modern pens are slightly over-priced, in response to current conceptual connection of “fountain pen” and “luxury goods”, this is at least no more culpable than similar pens in other maker’s stables.

As a point of interest; this pen is known in the Japanese market as the Metropolitan. No idea why.

Production Run: 1994 – present.

Cost When New: One Hexagon, according to the Waterman site.  Looking at retailers in late 2011, that apparently means $70 to $125, depending on trim level.  Update:  A quick check in 2014 shows the prices remain about the same, although the Waterman site has done away with its Hexagons of Price. Update again:  A dealer price list for 2007 shows a range of prices depending on trim of €40 to €62, about $53 to $81.

Size: 13.6 cm long capped, 14.6 cm posted, 12.5 cm uncapped.

Point: Steel, sometimes plated

Body:  Metal with diverse treatments.

Filler: Cartridge (international pattern) , capacity approx. 0.6  or 1.4 ml.

Waterman Hémisphère, stainless chrome trim version

A somewhat newer stainless chrome version; that broad band at the joint is attached to the section rather than the barrel



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