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SGI Anniversary Pen

I’m including this here are a visual warning of sorts.  This is a style of pen made to put one in mind of the big-deal makes of Germany, having some elements of Montblanc.  There’s an effort to convince that it was actually made in Germany, as the point is stamped “Iridium Point Germany”, but only one of these words is in any way accurate– there’s no iridium, and that’s not from Germany.  There’s a cheap (and cheap-looking) plastic feed under that point, and the whole affair is from… China, probably.  My main reason for putting this here is to warn prospective buyers of Montblanc pens from unknown corners of the internet; all this needs is a little white on its derby, and it’s very hard to tell from a real Montblanc in a somewhat grainy picture.  This one, at least, isn’t actively pretending to be worth hundreds of dollars.

This was a gift from a girlfriend many years ago, and I honour this pen mainly for the sentiment behind its giving rather than for its qualities.  It makes me a little angry, in fact, as an artifact– the imprint on the barrel refers to the 50th anniversary of Saskatchewan Government Insurance, and it was meant as a giveaway to luminaries of middling to greater importance.  The recipient, if ignorant of the ways of fountain pens, might reasonably conclude that fountain pens are not particularly good as writing implements.  This is a better pen than my Apis, but only very slightly– dry, hard to start, and apt to lose its grip on its cartridge, given to putting ink in the barrel rather than on the page.

Size: 13.6 cm long capped, 14.4 cm posted, 11.5 cm uncapped.

Point: Steel.

Body: Plastic.

Filler: Cartridge , capacity approx. 0.6 ml (international shorts only).

This is NOT a Montblanc


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