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Maker: SheafferYou may be looking for a different model of Admiral, depending on vintage; there is the Balance, the Touchdown, or the Snorkel version to consider.    This page refers to the Triumph era version.

The Statesman, which my admittedly limited scholarship indicates is a result of the 1945 re-laying of the line, came down in the world substantially from its time as a Balance label.  In that line-up, it was very near the top of the heap, while in this new post-war incarnation it is firmly lodged in the middle.  It is better than the Sovereign in that is has a somewhat wider cap-band.

Production Run: 1945 – 1948.

Cost When New: $10.00 (for modern value, try this calculator).

Size: 13.2 cm long capped, 15.0 cm posted, 11.5 cm uncapped.

Point: 14k gold triumph with platinum mask.

Body: Celluloid until 1947, then Forticel

Filler: Vacuum, capacity approx. 1.2 ml or lever,  capacity approx. 0.9 ml.

Sheaffer Statesman, black vacuum filler. Say, where’s its white dot?

Ah, there it is. It’s unclear why Sheaffer experimented with returning the dot to the top of the cap, where it had started, but experiment they did.

Sheaffer Statesman, black lever-filler. This one has its dot in the usual place.



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