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More properly, the Shanghai Fuliwen Golden Pen Company is one of the players in China’s somewhat boisterous game of industrial development.  There is a slight tendency outside China to dismiss the pen-makers there as derivative if one is being kind, and as given to copyright rapine if one is in a dark mood.  While there are some items in the Fuliwen catalogue which are rather… evocative of other, more expensive pens, they seem to leave enough tells in place to avoid fooling a purchaser.  Sadly, they frequently lack any marking at all; if one doesn’t know it’s a Fuliwen, it’s rather hard to discover it’s a Fuliwen.

I am unable to discover just how long Fuliwen have been at the business of making pens; at least since 2003, when they claim to have received some awards for their work.  Most reviews of their output are positive, although they usually mention the great weight of the pens in question.  Fuliwen is an eminently modern maker in this regard, as most of their pens have an underpinning of thick brass.

Models I’ve examined:

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  • c. 2005 – present

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