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“Mystic Traveller”

I got this from eBay, where it purported to be a Hero.  Hero is not shy about putting their name on their pens (if it’s on the 616, they’ll put it on anything), yet this has no maker’s mark one can find.  The name, and the motivation for the purchase, is based upon the compass that acts as a derby.  This is a good thing, because it doesn’t write particularly well.  It’s also a good thing I’ve never had to rely on the compass, as it is notional at best.

For the passer-by, this pen offers a sterling lesson in buying things from eBay in a state of innocence.  It also shows one of the most dreaded items of an internet pen, the “Iridium Point”.  That phrase is usually followed by “Germany”, but apparently in this case they thought they might lead people into thinking that Waterman had something to do with this pen, as that’s about the only company that uses “Paris” in its markings.

Size: X cm long capped, Y cm posted, Z cm uncapped.

Point: Steel.

Body: Brass (and abominably heavy it is, too).

Filler: Piston, of the “captive converter” sort that is just a converter glued into the section, capacity approx. 0.5 ml

Mystic Traveller – the mystery being “Why did I pay $5 for this thing?”

I hope the compass in the stock of the Red Ryder BB gun was more reliable

Of the three words you see here, only the second one is true


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