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52 (Schrieber)

Maker: Wality, but also in the case of the one I’ve got, Schrieber.

This pen, like the Wality 69, is a great big object and in an unamended form is only different from the 69 in the exact shape of its exterior; this one is more of a generically-rounded post-modern cylinder, as opposed to the slightly more traditional shape of its sibling.  My example has been through a post-manufacturing refining courtesy of a company called Schrieber; for a review of an unamended version, just have a look at the page for the 69.

The refinements lie in two areas of complaint which I refer to in my look at that other pen.  The piston seal is replaced with a twinned set of o-rings, mounted on a replacement shaft.  The feed is also replaced with something rather more able to handle sudden escape attempts mounted by the ink.

Like the 69, this is not a great pen, but it’s a very good pen at that price.

Production Run: The unamended Wality is in current production.  I hope Schrieber is still doing it’s thing.

Cost When New: The one place I could find selling the refitted pens offers them for $15.00.

Size: 13.6 cm long capped, 15.6 cm posted, 12.6 cm uncapped.

Point: Steel, plated.

Body: Plastic

Filler: Piston, capacity approx. 1.6 ml.

Wality 52, with the Schrieber piston parked in the ink window.

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