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Organics Studio

Appearing in 2012, Organics Studio is a small operation, in a similar vein to that of Noodler’s.  In fact, as of October 2012, their Facebook page describes them as still in the research phase, and their ink is somewhat limited in availability.  This is a shame, because what I’ve seen of it is extremely nice; good flow, interesting colours, no serious inclination to feathering or bleedthrough.  Indeed, the only vice, if vice it is properly called, is a slight inclination towards nib creep.

The names of their inks are taken from elements, but we are assured that those elements are not actually involved in the ink itself. Update: After a brief hiatus in production, Organics Studios returned with a number of inks named after historical figures in addition to the elemental names.

Examples (note– I’ve not calibrated my scanner, so these are mere approximations of the true colour):

Manganate V: A blue-black in the modern conception of that term, being a rather dark blue with some elements of green lurking about.  It is a rather more successful expression of the notion than the Parker and Waterman examples, which both look much the same at the instant they hit paper; unlike those major manufacturers’ inks, this appears not to be given to fading, and it stays that rather appealing colour, at least for a while (long-term testing had only just begun).

Cobalt: Unlike my the usual notion of cobalt blue, this ink lies somewhat across the line into the territory of purple, but unemphatically so; someone with a subversive urge to use purple ink in a conservative business setting might happily settle upon it.

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