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Parts Sources

For those of your engaging on your own repairs, here’s some places to get the tools and bits you need.  This list is purely alphabetical; I put an asterisk next to those I’ve gotten parts or tools from, which you may take as an endorsement; I’ve yet to feel I’ve been ill-treated in any of these transactions.  Lack of a * just means I haven’t tried them out yet.

Anderson Pens* (they have taken over for Martin’s Pens* as suppliers of the reproduction Snorkel point seals)

The Classic Nib (more in the line of components for modern pen turners than replacements for vintage)

Custom Pen Parts

Fifteen Pens

Fountain Pen Sacs.Com


The Pendragons

Main Street Pens*


Pen Museum*

Pen Practice*

The Pen Sac Company*


Restorer’s Art

Richard’s Pens*

The Vintage Pens Website*

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