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Private Reserve

This company appears to be one of the first of the ink for ink’s sake, and nothing but ink makers of the current renaissance; I believe from passing mentions (but without a foundation of hard data) that they predate Noodler’s by some years.  The comparison to Noodler’s also runs to the use of relatively large and simple bottles, reasonable prices, and rather high saturations.  The most likely complaint one is to have against a Private Reserve ink is that it is somewhat difficult to flush from a pen.  The inks also tend somewhat towards wetness, and in a pen which is also inherently wet this may lead to a superabundance of ink on the page; they have also been suggested as a cure for a dry pen.

Examples (note– I’ve not calibrated my scanner, so these are mere approximations of the true colour):

PrivRes1DC Supershow Blue:  This is technically a limited-run colour, produced to co-incide with the vast pen show held in Washington, D.C., but it can be found year round and at other venues.  It lies right on the point where “bright” tips over to “deep”– it is not quite as bright as my scanner thinks it is.

PrivRes2Burgundy Mist:  As much of a fan of somber purple inks as I am, I don’t use this one too often.  It inclines too much toward brown for me, although for someone who likes an ink which shades this could be a good choice.

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