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Strange Mutations

As with any numerous order in nature, the kingdom of pens contains a share of freaks and oddities.  Sometimes, the mutation is useful and even attractive, as in the X-Men, while in others it is a mere deviation from normality, like a vestigial tail.

The Thing with Two Heads!  Ouroborous?  Hermaphrodite?  Co-joined siblings?  Who can say for sure?

Gentlemen, be ready to catch the ladies if they swoon!

The Amorphous Conundrum!  Yes, it has a point, but not of gold, nor steel, nor any metal at all; its point is made of glass!

Fill your heart with pity for this strange, brittle-limbed creature

Half Pen, Half TURTLE!  When writing, they might be taken for normal pens, but when at rest… the point withdraws into the barrel!

Perhaps a product of early mad science of the "steam-punk" sort

From Japan, capable of strange transformations... it's either an ATOMIC MONSTER or a KILLER ROBOT

Born without Joint Threads!  Barrel and section screw together… but how?

The deformity is subtle... but baffling!

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