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Self Filling Pen

Maker: Remex.

I have little to offer with this pen other than a means of proving the existence of  “Remex”, as the barrel imprint has it.  The imprint also contains the Quebec-based place of origin and the words SELF-FILLING PEN.  The bargain aspect of the pen seems to lie in the lever, which lacks Waterman’s “box” but fixed to the pressure bar in a very Watermanly way (something similar can be .  The lever is actually mounted on a pin driven through the barrel, another indication that this pen probably comes from the front end of my projected range of dates; in a less expensive pen an older technology might be passed as good enough, but I should think a more modern suspension-ring down the barrel would be less labour-intensive.  The barrel material also suggests that it is an older pen, but if one remembers how long Waterman clung to rubber, how much longer might it inflict that material on a bargain branch?  It’s a bit of a conundrum.

The point is very much in line with Waterman’s work: responsive and flexible.

Production Run: c. 1920 – 1935

Cost When New: Unknown, but basing a guess on other inexpensive pens of about this age, likely $1.00 – $2.00.

Size: 11.1cm long capped, 14.3cm posted.

Point: 14k gold.

Body: Hard rubber.

Filler: Lever.

Remex Self-Filling pen; one suspects there are various sizes (not to scale with other portraits)



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