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Maker: Ero

I take the model name from the very simple impression on the point, although as the point may be unscrewed for replacement I may be far out in this.  The pen is sort of a standard German pen, both in shape and method of filling.  In terms of dating, I can establish it as a pen made in the 1980s thanks to a reminiscent Fountain Pen Network member, but can do no more.  The mock-celluloid pattern on the barrel supports this dating, as there was something of a surge of interest in “retro” in that decade.

If you know more than I do, please let me know.

Production Run: In production in the 1980s, and may still be.

Cost When New: $50, according to a possibly faulty recollection (for modern value, try this calculator)

Size: 13.3 cm long capped, 14.5 cm posted, 12.2 cm uncapped.

Point: Plated steel.  Like the Pelikans it looks much like, the point unscrews in a unit with the feed.

Body: Plastic, likely polystyrene but possibly ABS or even PVC.

Filler: Piston, capacity approx. 1.2 ml

Ero piston-filling conundrum

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