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Maker: Sheaffer.

This page refers to the Balance model using this name.  You may be looking for a sub-model of Triumph, Touchdown, or Snorkel

The Sovereign is the low-end of the “men’s size” white-dot pens; slender, but with full-length body with a Lifetime point.  The point is what differentiates it from a contemporary Craftsman, and the length from the Lady Sheaffer.  Interestingly, the length stopped serving as an indication of masculinity in the 1940s, as the Sovereign is in the 1941 catalogue put onto a page of similarly-slender pens which is headed FOR WOMEN– WHITE DOT LIFETIME AND FEATHERTOUCH ENSEMBLES; it had previously just been for those who prefer a more slender instrument, and this change of status must have concerned the sturdy fellows whose finances only ran to the Craftsman.

Production Run: 1938 – c. 1942 (this model changed substantially in the Triumph era).

Cost When New: $8.75 (for modern value, try this calculator).

Size: 13.6 cm long capped, 15.1 cm posted, 11.5 cm uncapped.

Point: 14k gold with platinum mask.


FillerLever, capacity approx. 1.0 ml or vacuum filler, capacity approx. 1.5 ml.

Sheaffer Sovereign Balance, and while it's not utterly without its plating, this is a pretty shocking example of brassing.

Sheaffer Sovereign Balance, and while it’s not utterly without its plating, this is a pretty shocking example of brassing.



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