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Maker: Ohto.

The Tasche is a modern example of the almost-vanished Japanese “pocket” pen, which is sometimes called a “long-short”; the name is actually the German word for pocket, from which we get a sense of what a Japanese pen-maker feels is an appealing exoticism.

The Tasche is actually even smaller than the pocket pens of their heyday in the 1970s, through adoption of the international short style of cartridge– the older pocket pens used larger cartridges, and that imposed a larger minimum dimension on them.

Posting, upon which this pen is so reliant, is made more positive by the inclusion of an o-ring at the end of the tiny little barrel.  It provides friction to keep the Cap firmly in place.  There is probably some danger of this wearing eventually, but o-rings are relatively easy to come by.  There is also the factor that Ohto is at heart a maker of ballpoints; long-term durability is not at the front of mind, one suspects. Having cast that aspersion, I will say that the writing performance is no more than satisfactory, as far as fountain pens go. Not bad, but no hearts set alight.

Production Run: Unknown start, in current production.

Cost When New: ¥1000.

Size: 9.9 cm long capped, 14.6 cm posted, 8.5 cm uncapped.

Point: Steel.

Body: Aluminum.

FillerCartridge , capacity approx. 0.6 ml (international short).

Ohto Tasche, extended for use.

Ohto Tasche, extended for use.

Retracted for carrying. You’d need a tiny pocket indeed for this to overwhelm it.



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