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This New York company was founded in the 1860s by a couple of jewellers who made gold dip-pens initially, branching out into mechanical pencils and eventually fountain pens under license from Paul Wirt (who was sort of “the other guy” to Lewis Waterman).  Their first in-house pens appeared in the 1890s.  Their earlier works, dip and fountain, can be quite astonishing, the latter getting some very accomplished gold overlays.

In the second decade of the 1900s, Aikin-Lambert became more closely connected with the L.E. Waterman company as a supplier of points.  They were eventually absorbed by Waterman (the sources I’ve looked at differ– sometime between 1915 and 1920 is as narrow as I dare go), with the name used as a secondary brand for Waterman to sell increasingly cheap pens.  They ceased to have a separate existence in the 1930s.

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