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Maker: Packard.

A magnificent example of a rather cheap pen; it has a very simple filling mechanism, a questionable point with loose plate, and a rather transparent effort at emulating a more prestigious maker’s general profile.  I suspect it’s meant to look like a Sheaffer Balance, but it may also be trying for Conklin Symetrik.

On the subject of rather transparent, the example I own of this pen is remarkable for the degree to which its celluloid barrel retains its original clarity.  If this were a pen anyone cared about, it would be a valuable example.  As it is, it’s just an interesting curiosity.

Production Run: c. 1930 – c. 1945 (based on shape, material, and the likely tolerance of even low-end pen buyers for a bulb filler).

Cost When New: Low.

Size: 13.0 cm long capped, 15.3 cm posted, 11.3 cm uncapped.

Point: Plated steel.

Body: Celluloid.

Filler: Bulb, capacity approx. 2.0 ml.

Apart from the plating loss, it's much as it was when it was made



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