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The company was established in 1919, in the city of Turin, and claims to be the first maker of fountain pens in Italy.  There was a brief gap in the company’s production in 1943, when Allied bombing of the city utterly destroyed the factory; production resumed in 1946 with the introduction of the 88, and has gone on since.  The company claims also that production of all components is still in-house, which is quite a rarity in the current situation; I use “claim” since the resources I’ve drawn upon are somewhat secondary, but I don’t suggest that it’s a claim I dispute at all.

The current production of Aurora covers a fairly broad range of price points, although like many other makers this range is not balanced; there are fewer models at the low end than the high, and the low end seems to have risen out of the realm of “student” pens.

Models I’ve examined:

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  • 1946 – present

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