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Custom 74

Maker: Pilot.

The Custom 74 gets part of its name from the year it was first offered– Pilot’s seventy-fourth year in business.  The design itself is not particularly evocative of pens made in 1918, but it is certainly a very conservative pen design.  It is, in fact, not a pen meant to drive users into a particular passion over its looks, although there is enough brightwork in the trim that it’s not completely dull.  It is essentially a basic pen with a rather nice gold point.  Pilot offers a bewildering array of points for it, in fact, eleven different grades; this is, for those who have looked into the assortment of points most makers offered in the first half of the 20th century, also something of a throwback.

Production Run: 1992 to present.

Cost When New: ¥10,000 (¥12,000 extra-broad points).

Size: 14.2 cm long capped, 16.0 cm posted, 12.9 cm uncapped.

Point: 14K.

Body: Resin.

FillerCartridge, capacity approx. 0.8ml.  All of Pilot’s converters will fit– the CON-20 press-bar type (0.7ml), the CON-50 piston type (0.5 ml), and the press-pump CON-70 (1.0 ml).

The Pilot Custom 94: a very traditionally styled pen.

Pilot Custom 94: a very traditionally styled pen.

It also looks like a very traditional fountain pen when capped.



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