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Goldfinger’s Favourites

I’m a long-time fan of the Bond films, and while I won’t be drawn into the question of which of the various actors has done the best job (apart from saying that the problem with Dalton was the terrible scripts he was handed) I will happily admit to a single favourite film– Goldfinger.  It’s got just the right mix of sensible real-world plausibility and reckless science-fiction gadgets, and the prime villain, Auric Goldfinger himself, is a fine example of the breed.

As it happens, I find that long after developing this attitude to the film, I begin to share one of Goldfinger’s fixations. For much of my life, I’ve though that gold pens were garish at best, and trailed off into tackiness all too easily.  However, in the course of collecting and repairing pens, I’ve had a chance to hold a quantity of them, and I discover that I quite like them.  It’s not the sort of thing I’d run Sean Connery under an industrial laser to acquire, of course….

Diam Pt 0258

Diamond Point

Pelikan 520

Parker R87

Parker 61 Insignia

Parker 0377

Parker 75 Insignia

Parker 0244cor

Parker 88 Corinth

Parker 0342

Parker 180 Imperial

Sheaffer 0457

Sheaffer Imperial Triumph

Sheaffer 0434

Sheaffer Targa 1005

Sheaffer 0398

Sheaffer Touchdown TM Triumph

Eversharp R122

Wahl 321AW

Eversharp 0264

Wahl 326AW

Wearever 0071

Wearever… hey, wait a minute.  You’re not fooling anyone, buster!

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