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Delta was established in 1982 by three partners– Nino Marino, Ciro Matrone, and Mario Muscente– who I suspect adopted the three-sided name because “Triumvirate Pens” makes for a rather large impression down the side of a pen.  The company was from the start aimed at making high-end pens, and there’s little in their lineup that one could call “affordable” without the qualifier “relatively”.  They do moderate this somewhat elitist approach by offering some rather interesting pens with evidently labour intensive construction techniques.  They are one of the few pen makers to still regularly use lever-filling, even if it is restricted to their limited edition pens, and the particular form of the mechanism is a reproduction of Waterman’s old boxed lever assembly; reliable, but reasonably complex both to make and install.

As specialists in high-end pens, they are regular and prolific producers of limited and special editions.

It is probably obvious, but to avoid a similar problem as beset Wahl regarding a hair-trimmer of the same name, I’m going to mention that there is no connection between this Italian pen maker and an American provider of plumbing fixtures.  Delta is distributed by Yafa, but has not been bought by them.

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