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Fixers of Pens

Given that I offer pen repair services, this seems an odd set of links to offer.  However, I am aware that people sometimes prefer to find someone closer to home and I don’t want to give the impression that I’m the only game in town.  It may also happen that the rest of the site has prompted thoughts like, “I’m not letting this flavour of loonie touch my stuff,” and that’s fair, too.  I have not used the services of any of the folks listed here (beyond buying parts or tools from some of them), but I am placing them here because I’ve seen them recommended by people who have sent them pens, and in many cases seen what they’ve had to say on pen matters on various fora about the ‘net.

AusPens – Australia

The Battersea Pen Home – England.

La Central de la Estilográfica – Spain

Classic Fountain Pens – US.  Point specialist, does other repairs.

Daniel Kirchheimer – US. Trim and body restoration specialist (was Vintage Fountain Pen Restoration Services)

Eric Wilson – UK

The Fountain Pen Hospital – US

Grandmia Pens – UK

Greg Minuskin – US, point work only, does retipping

Indy-Pen-Dance – US

Inkpen – US

Main Street Pens – US

Martin’s Pens – US

Mike It Work – US, point work only

Pendleton Pens – US, point customization

Penshop Nijmegen – Netherlands (which seems very determined from the state of its website to do local work only).

Restorer’s Art – Canada

The Toronto Pen Company – Canada, point work only

The Write Pen – US

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