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Maker: Pelikan.

This is, more or less, a Pelikano that a more buttoned-down person can use without feeling overly conspicuous.  The barrel colours are, with the exception of a clear model, more conservative, and the clip is less likely to attract comment, especially since the Pelikano’s most recent redesign.  Otherwise, the Future is even more of a challenge to the Lamy Safari than is the Pelikano; a port-hole for examination of the ink level, an ambidexterous set of grip cut-outs in the section, sturdy construction and modernist looks.  It also has a peril-resistant steel point like the Safari, although it is not swappable and only comes in three sizes.

I’m not sure whether, if confronted with a necessary choice, I’d prefer writing with the Safari or the Future.  The section of this pen is certainly less prescriptive than that of the Lamy, which certainly makes one incline towards it.  However, and this is a highly subjective appreciation, it lacks the air of indestructibility of the competitor.  The more conservative looks that suggest the Future as an alternative in some minds to the Pelikano will likely also give it a leg up on the Safari with the same audience.

Production Run: c. 2003 – 2013.

Cost When New: in the 2010 price-list, €15.50 (about $20.00– for modern values, try this calculator).

Size:  13.6 cm long capped, 15.3 cm posted, 12.5 cm uncapped.

Point: Steel.

Body: Plastic.

Filler: Cartridge, capacity approx. 0.6 ml or 1.4 ml (international pattern).

Pelikan Future, which is also occasionally known as P55



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