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Ligne 60

Maker: Waterman.

I’m afraid I have very little to say about this model beyond, “Hey, look!  I’ve got one!”  It comes from a time when Waterman was an almost entirely French concern, so there’s not much information in English about their output.

I should probably start by saying that this is less a model than a group of models, in a similar way as one may speak broadly of “Sheaffer Snorkels“; the name itself in English is “Line 60” which does something more than hint at several possible models under one label.

What follows is a few other speculations upon very flimsy data, which I will more than happily revise if someone can point in the direction of solid facts that a sadly monoglot anglophone can understand:

– They were made in the 1960s;
– There were two sizes, mounting #2 and #3 points, but there were also hooded models; there were, according to advertisingseventy different models in the line, which almost certainly comes down to a lot of variations in cap and body trim;
– Export to the UK was expected, because they say “Made in France” on them (rather than saying it in French); I’ve been taken to task on this assumption in a public forum, and I acknowledge it as extremely speculative;
– Ditto, because they’re marked “WATERMANS” rather than “WATERMAN”, although I see the possessive apostrophe has been banished;
– Someone at Waterman-JiF was having trouble deciding whether to go with an actual keyhole-shaped breather, or with a simple impression of the same at the top of a breatherless slit; one sees examples of both.

Production Run: 1960s; I have advertising from 1960 showing the model, so it was definitely around right at the start of the decade. However, it is possible that the run includes some of the1950’s and ’70s.  If you can help me narrow this down, please let me know.

Cost When New: In 1960, prices ranged from 33 to 94.50 New Franc.  This converts to a range of about $6.75 to $19.25 (for modern value, try this calculator)

Size:  The smaller size, with the #2 point; 11.9 cm long capped, 13.2 cm posted, 10.1 cm uncapped

Point: 18Ct gold (note that; the impression is not “18K” nor “750”).

Body: Plastic.

Filler: Cartridge , capacity approx. 1 ml, or a sort of captive-converter rig that is misery to refit when the sac goes wrong… which is why I don’t have an estimate of its capacity.

Waterman Ligne 60, in its smaller form.

Capped, the Ligne 60 shows a tail-piece rather reminiscent of the C/C.

This attempt to show the key-hole is not altogether successful.



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