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114P “Mozart”

Maker: Montblanc.

While part of the Meisterstück family, this pen is a little different from its fellows.  The primary observable difference is that it is extremely small, something Meisterstücks are not noted for.  Less instantly noticeable is the fact that it lacks a filling mechanism; this feature is signaled by the P in the model number, for “patronen.”

More overt but also not immediately obvious is a threaded trim ring on the tail, to which the cap can be screwed while writing.  Since the pen is so small, this is a wise move; the cap firmly attached to the tail renders the length of the pen more comfortable, and this arrangement reduces the wear to the barrel that posting can produce.

The performance of the pen is good, although like most Montblancs there is a high likelihood of getting an example with a “baby-bottom” point; smooth writing, but poor starting every time the point comes off the paper.  A quibble specific to this model is connected to the arrangement of threads on the section.  When the cap is in carriage, it attaches not to the barrel, but to another threaded band on the section.  This keeps the threads from rubbing on the writer’s fingers, but also means that unless the section in very firmly screwed into the barrel, it might come away with the cap.  This is not a huge problem, since the section/barrel interface is metal on metal, firm screwing is certainly possible and isn’t going to wear the contact area quickly, but one would have to train to remember to really dog down the section when refilling.

Production Run: c.1991 – present.  An informant states, based on having bought one at the start of the run, that the by-name (which in full is “Hommage à W.A. Mozart”) derives from its release on the 200th anniversary of the composer’s death.

Cost When New: On the company’s site in spring 2014, their online shop shows the most basic gold-trimmed version for $485 as the low end, while an all-platinum plated version goes for $1,290.  I understand the prices are slightly lower at approved retailers.

Size: 11.2 cm long capped, 12.0 cm posted, 9.8 cm uncapped.

Point: 14K gold.

Body: Brass, under “precious resin”.

FillerCartridge, capacity approx. 0.6 ( short international pattern).

Montblanc 114P "Mozart"

Montblanc 114P “Mozart”.  This is a platinum- rather than gold-trimmed version; slightly more expensive than the base model.

Cap on, to show the cap-holder on the back end.



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