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Hooded Knight

Maker: Eclipse

One of the diverse efforts of other makers to cash in on the wild success of the Parker “51”, the Hooded Knight is a combination of cleverness and simplicity.  The latter is exemplified by the point and feed, which are essentially the same as any open-pointed pen.  The clever bit is a little cut-out in the hood, giving the point’s breather-hole access to the open air, and in theory ensuring smooth writing.

Production Run: c. 1945  – c. 1960; a very approximate range, as there is little to be found on the matter.  If you have a catalogue or price-list with any sense of actual dates on it, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Size: I wasn’t paying enough attention to this sort of detail back when I worked on one.

Point: Plated steel

Body: Polystyrene

Filler: Button and lever types appear.

Eclipse Hooded Knight; transparent button-fill variant. This image not to same scale as most portraits.

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