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Model W

Maker: Esterbrook.

The model W pen is essentially a J series pen amended for life in a desk base.  This means that the barrel has no threads to hold a cap, and the back of the barrel is threaded to accept a separate taper.  In a manner similar to the Renew-Point system, this modularity allows for a lot of different looks with a limited amount of stock. On early models, the bodies were available in black or marbled blue, green, red, copper and grey, and had a trim ring at the taper (or, infrequently, a turned incision shaped like a band), while on later models, the barrels were solid colours in black, grey, red, green, maroon, sand and aqua.  The tapers were clear (after 1945 or so), red or black.

Production Run: c. 1941 (possibly earlier) – c. 1970

Cost When New: Depending on the base it (or they, in double sets) came with;  $1.75 to $15.00 in the 1941 catalogue, $3.00 to $8.00 in the 1952 catalogue (they’d discontinued some “deluxe” sets).  In the ’52 list, the pen by itself, without even a point, cost $1.65.  To work out modern values, try this calculator.

Size: 15.8 cm long to face of section.

Point: Interchangible Renew-Points.

Body: Early models used the same celluloid bodies as the contemporary proto-Js, later models used polystyrene.

Filler: Lever, capacity approx. 0.9 ml

For a base, see the page for 112/116.

Esterbrook Model WT – the common black version

Model WB; black barrel and black taper. This is slightly less commonly found than the clear taper.



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