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Maker: Conklin

The Glider  was the outward manifestation of the sale of Conklin to the Chicago investors.  Founded as it is in running through the useful parts left over from the company’s better days, it is the Frankensteinish result of a grave-robber’s approach to pen-making; interesting if not splendid bodies, furniture that sheds its plating at the slightest provocation, and really, really nice points.

This is an almost textbook example of the type, with the only thing to recommend it being its point.  Stamped with a “Cushon Point” impression (remember that Conklin quite liked playing silly phonetic games), it is very like a modern high-end pen’s point– not flexible as such, but with some spring and give in it.  It’s pleasant to write with, but it’s not a very pretty pen.

Production Run: 1938 – c. 1950

Cost When New: $2.75 (for modern value, try this calculator and remember that it will be different at either end of the run).

Size: 13.0 cm long capped, 16.2 cm posted, 12.0 cm uncapped.

Point: 14k gold.


Filler: Lever, capacity approx. 0.8 ml.

The Conklin Glider– a little raddled, but it hasn’t completely lost its looks

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