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The Reform company was a child of the Great Depression, a crutch extended by two other companies to lean upon in the economic crisis.  One of these companies was in fact named Reform previously, and it is this portion of the entity of that name which sold out in 1956 to Ernst Rodenhäuser.  The other company was called Certo, and the long-lived pen company bearing the name Reform used a winged letter as a trademark; it was just a matter of swapping a C for an R.  Certo had been established in 1929 and entered its union with Reform in 1938.  This combined company quite flourished, and over the years absorbed some other makers of pens or their components.

Apart from producing pens of their own design, Reform made parts for a lot of other brands, including Rotring, Élyseé, and Cross, in some of which one may find Reform’s name impressed in concealed locations.

The company sold out in 1999, although back-stocks of their pens are still appearing for sale new as of this 2011 writing.

Models I’ve examined:

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  • Start unclear, but until 1999

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