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Maker: Sheaffer.

This page refers to the Balance model using this name.

The difference between the Statesman and this pen is one of size, the Premier being somewhat longer and wider; it is frequently refered to as an oversize or O.S. pen.  Other than a bit of giantism, it is sort of the high-normal for this line, as to spend more on a Sheaffer one was looking at stepping up to some non-standard hardware.  It bears a white dot and the point is marked LIFETIME and has a two-tone mask.

Production Run: 1938 – 1942 (this line changed substantially in the Triumph era).

Cost When New: $10.00.  There was also a Premier De Luxe with an extra-wide band which went for $13.50 (for modern values, try this calculator).

Size: 13.9 cm long capped, 15.9 cm posted.

Point: 14k gold with platinum mask

Body: Celluloid.

Filler: Lever or vacuum filler.  My sole chance to examine this model came before I was doing this sort of measurement.

Sheaffer Premier – this image is taken from my old site, and while the pen should be to scale with the other portraits on this site, the frame is a little off-standard (and I’ll thank you to not point out how grainy it is)









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