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Maker: Reform.

A fairly basic pen aimed at the school market.  It was almost certainly also made primarily for sale in Germany, as its colour and shape are clearly meant to put one in mind of a rather more expensive Pelikan.  Like those more expensive pens, and unlike most competing German school pens, this pen holds a piston for filling.  The point can be unscrewed for replacement, also like Pelikans of an exalted type, but a trick which is known to other inexpensive German pens.

Production Run: A bit of an open question as to when they started, but they appear to have been in production right up to the end of the company in 1999.

Cost When New:  Don’t know.  Probably competitive with other German school pens.  One can find them for under $20.00 even now.

Size: 12.9 cm long capped, 15.5 cm posted, 12.0 cm uncapped.

Point: Plated steel.

Body: Polystyrene.

Filler: Piston, capacity approx. 0.8 ml

Reform 1745 - so new it's still wearing a sticker, but no sticker price, alas.



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