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Scholarly Caveat

While I’ve tried to make the information on this site as accurate as possible, you will notice that there is very little citation of sources, and that there are also frequent indications of uncertainty.

The lack of citation is in part laziness and in part an artifact of the way in which I’ve scraped information out of other sites, online forums, and print sources which are themselves not necessarily well-cited.  Some of what I’ve got is from primary sources, but even there one has to be careful; it’s often a catalogue or advert, and that’s been filtered through the company’s advertising department.

The point of this– you may rely on me believing, at any given moment, that what is on this site is correct.  However, I won’t assert the correctness of everything, and will admit that correction is ongoing and willingly undertaken; without citation, the information is what academics like to call “unsubstantiated assertions”.  If you find yourself arguing a point founded solely on my materials, and your opposite in the argument claims a better source, I urge you to consider what that source might be.  They could well be right, and I either haven’t fixed a mistake yet or haven’t noticed I’ve made it.

There is a reason, after all, that I include a page full of links to other people who study these matters.

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