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This company started out as a maker of pins, not beginning on pens until 1895.  I use “pens” in the older sense of the word, meaning what are more commonly known now as dip points.  It is a slight irony that both the Brause brothers died several years before the company began to produce the pens which made the name famous; the longer-lived of the two died in 1879.

Fountain pen production began after the post-war rebuilding of the company’s facilities.  This was a troubled time for fountain pens makers, even those of long experience, and Brause gave up on that line of enterprise in 1970.

The dip points are still in production, under the seemingly enlightened ownership of Exacompta, focusing on the calligraphy purposes to which dip-pens are pretty much exclusively devoted these days.  I highly recommend these points, in fact, as they’re exactly as good as something in nearly-continuous production for more than a century should be.

Models I’ve examined:

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  • Between 1960 and 1970


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