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Jentle (Sailor)

I have not been able to discover if the name of this ink is a simple misunderstanding of English spelling by a company in a non-English-speaking nation which has grown into a tradition, or an intentional Japanese commercial neologism, like “Justy” or “Yaris”.  In any event, it is the standard ink of Sailor.

As with so many “base model” inks, the packaging is designed to be as attractive to the user as the contents.  Sailor includes in the bottles a little internal cup which serves much the same purpose as the well built into the side of the old Skrip bottles; a means of ensuring a sufficient depth for filling.

Blue-black:  this is a good expression of the modern notion of this colour, a dark, sombre blue with some inclination towards grey.  It is not held up as a water-resistance ink, but a solid wetting of the paper barely shifts it; it becomes only slightly lighter.

jentle 2Grenade: Not the explosive device, but the fruit from which it takes its name, more commonly known as the pomegranate to us Anglophones.  A pleasant although slightly pale burgundy.

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