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Family Albums to Assist Pen Spotters

This area is designed to help people who have a pen they don’t know the model of. While I have all the models I’ve had opportunity to examine laid out in the Maker’s Pages, there is an assumption there that the seeker of information already knows the name of the model.  If one doesn’t know that vital item of information, I admit that the effort to track down a specific model’s information could be a long and tedious dig.  In an effort to assist with that effort, I’m establishing family albums, in which one can work out the model from looking at the shape of the pen.

It’s usually possible to discover the maker from looking at the pen, so once you’ve got that hook to hang matters upon, hopefully it will be an easy matter to scroll through the list for that maker to spot your pen.  For the moment, I’m only setting up this arrangement for extremely numerous and particularly vexing makers.  As more of the makers I’ve examined can at least be described as “numerous”, I’ll add them here.

You’re having trouble identifying a:

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