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Imperial II

For more general notes, see the page for the Imperial line.

The Imperial II was very nearly the bottom of the Imperial line; the Imperial I was a strange anomaly, with a Stylpoint section and a filler more like that in the Esterbrook Safari than a Sheaffer, and it’s hard to view it as associated, despite the name.  The only real difference between this pen and the Imperial III was a degree of honesty; this may be thought of as the more expensive pen without its make-up.  It also has the same slightly ill-fitting steel cap that the “Dolphin” line’s cheapest member would wear.

I can’t see how it came to be the only member of the original Imperial line to come through the 1973 adjustments, other than perhaps as an exercise in not wasting unused inventory.  One will find unsold stock of these later pens occasionally, appearing as Imperial II C or Imperial II Deluxe, depending on the filling mechanism.

Production Run: 1961 – c. 1976 (the latter date being little better than a guess).

Cost When New:  I don’t have an actual MSRP on hand, but based on some other data in shop manuals, it was probably $6.75 (for modern value, try this calculator).

Size: 13.5 cm long capped, 14.3 cm posted, 11.8 cm uncapped.

Point: Palladium-silver, annular.

Body: Polystyrene.

Filler: Touchdown, capacity approx. 0.7 ml.  Later production saw some cartridge-fillers, capacity approx. 1.1 ml.

Sheaffer Imperial II

A later Imperial II Deluxe; notice the imprint that lacks an apostrophe-S and the shorter, white-dotted clip



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